Free MP3 Download From My Next Album: “I Want to Be”

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dayjobHere’s a pre-mastering preview track from my as of yet untitled album due out this summer. The song is called “I Want to Be”, and is about my day job. The stream-of-consciousness arrangement is a metaphor for the dazed daydream quality office life induces.

To listen, left-click; to download the MP3, right-click (or use the music player in the right side-bar): I Want to Be (no longer available)

It originally appeared on my 2007 album Culture of Self with a very different arrangement, vibe and singer.  The vocalist on that version was an opera singer who used to work in the exact same job I’m at now, at the same desk and everything. This updated version is sung by me, and has a whole new instrumental middle section.  Enjoy and share :)


Dan Jacob Wallace

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