Fell (For Two Musicians and a Computer) + Damn Dirty Hippies

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Here is an excerpt from Adam Payne’s new movie Damn Dirty Hippies, which I recently scored. This segment is an animation depicting a dream of one of the main characters, Katie. The song is Fell (For Two Musicians and a Computer), which appears on my album Den of Maniacs; the song is edited for the purposes of the segment.


Dan Jacob Wallace


  1. Any software program that will allow me to use multiple beats to create an instrumental for a dubstep song that I am creating. Not sure if there are any free ones, but if you know of any that would be magnificent. Thank you..

  2. Dan, this is cool. I love the trippy quality of the animation. I’m always torn between which version of Fell I like the most. I’m such a musical traditionalist sometimes.

    Let’s catch up soon.

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