dan jacob wallaceWelcome! My name’s Dan Jacob Wallace, and I’m a writer and composer based in New York City. Untrammeled Mind is where I explore, engage, and offer up for discussion philosophical musings, social and cultural commentary, music, and whatever else I happen to be working on or struggling to understand. Comments, questions, and suggestions are encouraged!

A longer bio is coming at some point, for now check out my music bio.

I often link to books at Amazon.com that I consider worth checking out. Supposedly, if enough people click on those and buy something, I’ll get a small commission (we’ll see if it pays as much as Spotify. Ha.)

UPDATE 3/16/17: More and more, this site is becoming a project: a place for me to organize, systematize, and work out, or at least grapple with, ideas that consume me. Over the last several years, I’ve been writing a lot. Hundreds and hundreds of pages. In journals (got a bit of a fountain pen obsession going on), in Evernote, Scribblar, WordPress, in email drafts dictated into my phone while waiting for the bus… A lot of that will be trashed. Some of it, I can’t stop thinking about. I’ll post that stuff here.

Much of it will be in early draft—maybe even first draft—form, which means some of it will be too long. Anyone who takes the time to read and who has critical comments or suggestions is encouraged to comment or email me! As time goes by, I’ll revise whatever seems worth the effort. Mostly, though, I’m interested in the exploration, both on my own and in discussion with others.

(In some ways, I view all this as extensive background work for the music-making I’ll one day get back to. Or maybe I’ll base a sitcom on it. Or… you know, I always thought it’d be fun to write a 1,000-page book of dense philosophy, then base a movie on that: It’s an 85-minute romcom! Seriously.)

Finally, I do plan to get back to posting some less-mind-straining (for me at least) fare. Updates and such about what I’m up to, listening to, and watching; like I used to. And new music is still still still… on the horizon (at least a couple album’s worth). But right now I’ve got these writings clogging up my brain. And I’m reading a lot and obsessively studying math (especially probability).