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Welcome to my music! Explore using the nav-bar above (hover over “Music”). Or if you’re new here, I recommend the below highlight reels as a quick introduction to my style and scope as a composer, songwriter, producer, and performer. The first reel is a general overview of my four solo albums (Neon and GoldCulture of Self; ReattachmentDen of Maniacs). The second reel features highlights of my guitar work on those albums.

There’s a lot more where this came from, so if you’re enticed, you can also find me at Spotify, CDBaby, iTunes, and such.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think in the comments.

HIGHLIGHT REEL (scroll down for Guitar Highlight Reel)Credits: All music written, produced, and mostly performed by Dan Wallace. Song-by-song credits are forthcoming.

GUITAR HIGHLIGHT REEL (see song listing and style notes below)

Credits: George Lawler on drums; Dan Wallace on everything else.

This reel showcases the varied and, if I say so myself, adventurous guitar work on my four solo albums (Neon and GoldCulture of Self; ReattachmentDen of Maniacs). But I also wanted to get across that even my most screamy guitar solos are done in the service of a thoughtfully crafted piece of music. So you’ll catch glimpses of verses and choruses here too.

Here’s a little guide with style notes to give a sense of what the guitar work is about:

00:00 – “Homage” (Neon and Gold): Wah-filtered minor key rock guitar solo; kinda’ straightforward.

00:49 – “Odd Man Out” (Reattachment): Django Rheinhardt meets Brazilian sambista Paulinho da Viola in a smoky bar, and a drunk banjo player throws his instrument at them. “Minha viola vai pro fundo do baú.”

01: 27 – “The Heap” (Culture of Self): Somewhere between melodic 1970s David Bowie and 1980s too-many-chord-changes shred metal (à la Cacophony, but in a major key, sort of).

02:22 – “Insomnia” (Culture of Self): Pretty acoustic guitars melodicollaged.

02:39 – “Perfect Weather for a Superhero” (Culture of Self): Oh no, my guitar’s on fire. (A.k.a., I bet you didn’t know that’s a classical guitar.)

03:08 – “Maybe” (Neon and Gold): Anthemic rock influenced by Brain May and Fiona Apple. “My favorite,” to quote several.

03:52 – “Elegy” (Reattachment): Chopin carries his busted classical guitar to Brazil after a trip to Spain.

04:33 – “Reattachment” (Reattachment): First section is supposed to be a cyborg spy-owl fluttering above a film score by John Murphy (“Fire-Bombing London,” specifically). In the second section, a 3,000-year old amnesiac decapitation survivor fights with a etc. (it’s obvious, right? No need to explain).

05:10 – “Spiders in Heaven” (Den of Maniacs): A dusty old recording from when I used to like weaving together several guitars into a Brazilian-esque sonic tapestry thingy.

05:40 – “Too Soon” (Neon and Gold): A spy-vibe influenced song (I was really into Alias when I wrote it) with a proggy outro guitar solo that’s been compared to Frank Zappa. “Heaven is a place on Earth. Give it to the dirty people.”

06:16 – “Look at Me” (Den of Maniacs): The most wankery of all the entries, but it’s dear to my heart. I characterize this as Randy Rhoads daydreaming about the band Funkadelic after reading Emmy Bridgwater (yeah, I flatter myself).

08:11 – “Sonatina” (Neon and Gold): Brazilian- and, again, Chopin-inspired classical guitar piece. In 3/4.

08:34 – “Spellbound” (Reattachment): Jazzy rock solo with surrealist touches (the song was inspired by the Hitchcock film).

09:32 – “Heap Variation” (Culture of Self): Zappa-esque counterpoint, acoustic guitars doubled by organs. A famous musician once emailed me to say that he thought the album was great, but that this song’s “bullshit.” Maybe, yeah.

09:53 – “Brittle Tongues” (Reattachment): Instrumental version of my song “Easy Come Easy Go.” A cheap classical guitar run through a cheap effects processor to play a pretty melody.

10:19 – “Ode 88” (Culture of Self): Nostalgic space-rock guitar solo outro. “Scrap heap wings and rusted strings obey the laws of harmony. Summertime’s a young friend’s fling”


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