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I played my first full set using the new solo setup recently at Martyrs’ in Chicago (Sat, Nov 15th). It went great and was a lot of fun, despite some kinks due to not having time to practice while working on the actual set itself, namely the arrangements and organizing the gear etc… all in all I’m really excited to start playing out more than ever here in Chicago, and I’d like to put together some out-of-town jaunts. It looks like the next show will be December 20th at Uncommon Ground on Clark, and I’m talking to other venues about future gigs.

This live set has quite a bit different feel than the albums, with a lot more electronic elements and often more stripped down. I want to capture this as a live album to release in 2009. So far it’s just songs from my last three albums, but if I have time I might finish a couple of new ones to include (the next studio album, however, is 85% written… mostly older songs of a certain style, but there are some new songs there as well; more on that later). I also like the idea of live vocals and guitar solos. There’s more inspiration and energy when there’s an audience.

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