Den of Maniacs

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inglorious_basterds_brad_pitt3I wanted to do a quick post about my new album, which is in the final stages of creation before being sent off for duplication. It is in the process of being mastered by Mike Hagler at King Size Sound Labs in Chicago, and we’re preparing to do the cover art, which will again be done by Vesna Jovanovic, but instead of a drawing/painting it will be a photograph. The title of the album is DEN OF MANIACS. Why did I call it that? Because of all the titles I could think of, this one was the most positive sounding (the next contender was THE CATASTROPHE OF BIRTH… or how about PANTHEON OF LUNATICS?).

The truth is that I wasn’t expecting to release an album this year, due to extreme busyness. But DEN OF MANIACS just kind of happened. I ended up with recordings of ten songs I could call an “album,” and there you have it. I intended to release it several months ago, but decided to sit on it for Jan/Feb 2010 to give me the full year to promote it, which I’m really excited to get started on! The songs are:

1. Look at Me
2. Go Away
3. Vante Left Them Human (Revamped)
4. Take it Back
5. Morceau
6. The Gift
7. Spiders in Heaven
8. I Want to Be (Ensemble Edition)
9. Fell (For Two Musicians and a Computer)
10. Fever

I think that’s the order. So, what do we notice here? Three “imperative” titles in the first half (not sure if that means anything…). Also, there are three songs here that have appeared on past albums: “Vante Left Them Human” is a studio version of an arrangement I made for a live-in-studio video about a year ago with Emanuel Ban on violin (and yes, “Revamped” is a pun). “I Want to Be” appeared on CULTURE OF SELF as a piano/vocal (Robin Morgan) arrangement. I’m singing on this version, and have composed a new middle section. Finally, this new arrangement of “Fell” is close to what I’ve been doing live recently, with the addition of Emmanuel on violin.

I really love this album because many of the songs have a story for me… perhaps I’ll post a blog talking a little about each song once the album is out. I enjoy the music itself too, especially if I’ve had a couple of dirty martinis to help me loosen up and get out of the critical mode. The “critical mode” is more about recording issues than music issues, really. Maybe I should call it the “technical mode.” Anyway, I hope listeners enjoy it sober (or however they like to listen) as much as I enjoy it after a couple of cocktails :)

Now that this album is done, I’ll be working here and there on some new compositions that are a bit different from what I’ve done on the last few albums (or at least focus on an aspect of my musical personality that has been less emphasized in recent years). These new sounds (mostly instrumental forays with a few songs thrown in) have been largely inspired by the work I did earlier this year on a film for Adam Payne, and will actually include some of the stuff I did for that film (it’s called Damn Dirty Hippies). That’ll be a side project I’ll work on while making some more videos (live-in-studio as well as for the album) and working out a new live set. I also plan to get much more active with this blog. Then, in 2011, I have another album already written that I’ll get started on recording. More on that then.

Finally, because no blog post is as interesting without a pop culture reference with accompanying image: I missed Inglorious Basterds in the theaters, but look forward to seeing it on DVD.

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3 Replies to “Den of Maniacs”

  1. You know, that Netflix video is still sitting there, waiting to be viewed. Maybe this weekend.

    Yes, new album coming soon… it’s at the plant right now, on the verge of being pressed and packaged.

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