American Artifact in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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steve-walters_american-artifactThe documentary American Artifact: Rise of American Rock Poster Art, which features two of my songs on its soundtrack, will be making its Chicago premiere this month at the Gene Siskel Film Center, running January 29th through February 4th. The Saturday, January 30th, 8:00 p.m. showing will be followed by a Q&A Panel with director Merle Becker and poster artists Jay Ryan, Mat Daly, Steve Ryan, and Jim Pollock (I will be attending that one as well).

For more info about showings in Chicago and other cities, and to learn more about the film or read some of the great reviews it’s been getting, check out the American Artifact website. There’s a lot of great poster art there as well. I would definitely recommend the film to anyone with the slightest interest or curiosity for rock poster art or, really, art in general… or design, rock music, talking pictures, people, and/or… uh, stuff that’s cool in either the traditional way or neo-nerdy way. So, if you like stuff that’s classically cool, ironically cool, unironically neo-nerdy cool, co0l-by-association, or cool via disinterest in coolness, you will enjoy this film.

Also, note this bit of good news:

“American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art”, the documentary about the history and subculture of rock poster art in America, will officially become part of the permanent archival collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

The museum, whose mission is to educate visitors, fans and scholars from around the world about the history and continuing significance of rock and roll music, will make “American Artifact” available for visitors to watch starting in late 2010, when construction on the museum’s new addition is complete.

The producers will also donate a complete set of 10 movie posters that were done for the film (by artists appearing in the movie) to the museum for display.

My music will now be heard within the immortal walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thanks to the tireless efforts of the fine people behind this film. I look forwarding to meeting some of them at the premiere. Hope to see you there too :)

N.B.: The above poster was made by Steve Walters of Chicago’s Screwball Press for the Chicago premiere of American Artifact.

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6 Replies to “American Artifact in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

  1. But how long is the movie? What to do until Q&A at 8? Are you staying for that? I am definitely going to show up. At 4:30, not 8. Just to be clear. At the Gene Siskel Center. Just to be clear. On January 30th.

  2. Cool, we’ll see you there. 88 min running time… it’s in the loop, so I figured it’d be easy to find something fun to eat for approx 1.7 hours before heading back for the Q&A.

  3. Hi Dan

    Groovin’ on “Go Away.” Like the french minstrel-y vibe, lush sonics. Added to “Radio Radio.” p.s. feel free to be in touch, email above.

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