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(I’ll get this obligatory preface out of the way quickly: It’s been a long time, I’ve neglected my blog, I’m mad at myself for it while also forgiving myself due to the understandable circumstances in which this transgression occurred. I shall now hopefully resume with regular postings.)

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to up my YouTube presence from barely existent to, hopefully, thriving. I have some things in the works to this end, including live videos, videos made for album cuts, and even some instructional guitar videos. Those are in the works. In the meanwhile, I’m just going to post songs (stuff from albums and new ideas as they come about) and see how that goes.

I’ve noticed that more and more of the music clips on YouTube don’t even have videos, and nobody seems to care, myself included (it may seem obvious not to care, but I doubt such a thing would be well-accept at a place like Vimeo; in other words, YouTube isn’t so much about the video medium as it is the sharing of a certain kind of information). Aside from old and out of print stuff that predates the video age, this non-video approach is a great way to share deep album tracks from current artists who generally can only invest in videos for their singles. It’s also the easiest way to share music on Facebook.

So, last night I posted “Elegy,” a composition for solo classical guitar that appeared on my album Reattachment. It is also one of my biggest sellers on iTunes.

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