Minds of Children

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chemical bath - logoOne Chicago spring day in 2011, my sister (Ambria Nicole) said, “you should write some electronic music for us to sing, a little summer EP.” I got to work. The music and backing tracks came quickly for several songs, and I finished lyrics for one of them, called “Minds of Children.”

We recorded vocals for “Minds of Children,” were happy with how things were coming along in general, planned to call the project Chemical Bath, made a logo. Ambria made some art (see below). Then we both got distracted by other things (school, mostly).

Recently, I’ve been mulling over the prospect of some new albums. That’s not quite right. They’re old albums, or the music constituting them is old. “Minds of Children,” for instance. Another day, I’ll say more about the prospective albums’ other material, which currently spans from promising sketches to fully finished songs.

In the meanwhile, here’s “Minds of Children.” I call this a ‘demo’ because I don’t like the mix, but the song is there and the arrangement comes through. I’ll try to improve the mix before release.

I’d also like to produce an alternative version, strip things down and arrange some mostly acoustic instrumentation—especially piano—under the existing vocals. I think it’ll work: it’s fun to play on piano and, coincidentally, someone among the few who heard it back in the day recently messaged me out of the blue with a recording of themselves playing it on piano; I loved it. But we’ll have to see what the song itself has in mind.

I don’t usually share stuff before it’s finished (insomuch as anything I release counts to me as finished). I should sometimes. Starting now. Here’s the audio, along with lyrics and some images:

The world is waiting for you to go crazy
Stop hesitating, open up your brains and pour out
A confetti shower, streaming downward, downward

Your thoughts will rain upon the minds of children
They’ll rip their hearts out hoping for the chance to dissolve
But they’d never solve crossing over, over

Into the zeros
Between the burnt ether and ones
That you become
Floating right through them
As you evolve back to the start
You fall apart

I sense their frenzy flowing
Between my bones
They weave their frantic story
In threads of gold
Pressing like flesh conforming
Through little holes
And we grow-oh-oh-oh
Over the undertow

A bolt of lightning piercing through the darkness
Ignites your vision and chemically reacts with your face
But you never taste what you long for, long for

Your glowing eyeballs beckon to the people
A green directive, swollen up and calling their names
But it does not gain crossing over, over

Into the zeros
Between the burnt ether and ones
That you become
Floating right through them
As you evolve back to the start
You fall apart

I sense them reaching for me
They’re all alone
Riding their wave of glory
On silicone
Cascading flesh contorting
Through cracking chrome
And we grow-oh-oh-oh
Over the ozone glow

I feel them seeping through me
As we become
A tangled thread of mutant
Axon response
Veins sprout like hair protruding
From crown to crown
And we grow-oh-oh-oh
Until we overload

Chemical Bath - Minds of Children (by Ambria Nicole)
“Minds of Children” by Ambria Nicole
chemical bath - headphone crowns (by Ambria Nicole)
“Headphone Crown” by Ambria Nicole
chemical bath - dan wallace & ambria nicole
Left to right: Ambria Nicole, Dan Wallace

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