Michael Brecker Saxophone Lick on Guitar at 288 and 320 bpm (with Tab)

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While working on some ideas for improvising over “Giant Steps”—a process I call “live-wiring,” after neuroscientist David Eagleman, more about which later—I learned a fun and tricky phrase by saxophonist Michael Brecker.

I made a video where I play the phrase: first I play along with Brecker; then I play it over a backing track mimicking Brecker’s backing; and then, for fun and extra practice, I speed the backing track up from 288bpm to 320.

I’ve posted this to YouTube (this moment at 25 views, 4 likes), Instagram (IGTV; 22 views, 11 likes), and TikTok (5118 views, 650 likes). Interesting, the higher volume at TikTok.

Here’s the Instagram version:

This version of “Giant Steps,” which also features saxophonist Bob Mintzer, appears on the 1994 album Twin Tenors.

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