“Seed (of Garnet)” – music performance video

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Here’s another video! This one is of a short piece, recently named “Seed (of Garnet),” that I wrote nearly 30 years ago. Last week I learned it on guitar for the first time and put together a “rock band” arrangement. (It was once performed as a wind quintet, I believe in 1994.)

It’s been interesting going through older work as I start making music again. It looks look I’ll be doing quite a few videos of shorter instrumental works, or of short ideas with the potential to become something more—mostly new, and a handful of older things like this one. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s “Seed (of Garnet).” The awesome artwork behind me is by Amy Ray.

@danjacobwallacemusic“Seed (of Garnet)” by Dan Jacob Wallace ##guitartok ##guitar ##guitarsolo ##composer♬ original sound – danjacobwallacemusic

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