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Dan Wallace - Den of Maniacs
dan wallace
den of maniacs, 2010
“Varied songs such as the sweeping, orchestral ‘Go Away,’ Django Reinhardt-inspired ‘Morceau,’ and piano-driven ‘Fever’ ensure the LP is another unqualified winner.” – Big Takeover Magazine

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Dan Wallace - Reattachment
dan wallace
reattachment, 2008
Reattachment reveals Wallace’s brilliance as a rock composer and instrumentalist as well as his gift for writing and delivering obscure but intriguing lyrics.” – The Phantom Tollbooth
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Dan Wallace - Culture of Self
dan wallace
culture of self, 2007
“Put simply, Culture of Self is about daring to be different, and the magic that comes when you do. Even if it were only half as good as it is, it should be treasured for its originality alone.” – Americana UK
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Dan Wallace - Neon and Gold
dan wallace
neon and gold, 2006
“There’s definitely something innovative about Neon and Gold. Maybe it’s the neo-psychedelic arrangements, the Alice-in-Wonderland lyrics or the smooth-as-silk delivery. Maybe we should listen again.” – Performing Songwriter Magazine
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The Pindrops - The Pindrops
the pindrops
the pindrops, 2004
Dan fronted The Pindrops between 2003 and 2004. This eponymous album features 11 songs, all of which were written by Dan, and many of which would appear on later releases. Hybridmagazine.com on The Pindrops: “The wacky lo-fi Beatles. Brilliant lyrics imbedded between cool quacking guitars and cooler harmonies.”
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The Poppies
the poppies
the poppies, 2004
Before they were called The Pindrops, they were The Poppies. This EP contains selected tracks that were recorded in preparation for The Pindrops album. These recordings feature a stripped down sound colored by classical guitar, upright bass, and adventurous vocal harmonies.
Out of print.
thringle, 2003
Izis was the first incarnation of The Pindrops trio. This all-acoustic 3-song EP features the only recording ever done of Dan’s song “Moonshine Lullaby.”
Out of print.
Dan Wallace - Verbum Sap
Dan Wallace
verbum sap, 2002
Dan recorded this solo album in the lo-fi 8-track basement studio he was working in (aka, his apartment) before Izis was formed. Nimble finger-picking and idiosyncratic arrangements are items du jour. Songs from Verbum Sap have ended up on Dan’s following albums (Den of Maniacs excepted) with more to come.
Out of print.

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